Pre-Authorized Payment

Members can have their accounts at other financial institutions debited automatically, without having to write a cheque.  You can print a form to use from this page.

**Please note, the payee may require a typed and/or stamped form.  If necessary, please contact the branch to obtain an official stamped form.


  • Convenient transfer of funds.
  • Can be used to process loan payments or investment contributions.
  • Worry-free in case of illness, vacation, travelling or inclement weather. Your bills will be automatically paid on time.*

How to find your banking information on a personal cheque: 

How to find your bank account numbers online:

You can find your account number by signing in to your MemberDirect online banking.  On the “Account Summary” page you will see all of your accounts at EasternEdge Credit Union.   After the name of each account, you will see a 5-digit number, usually 000XX.  The XX is the number you need in order to specify on which account you want to make the deposit or payment. Chequing accounts are usually 10 or 11, savings are usually 20 or 21.

For example:  You sign into online banking using your login 12345-00-8.  In place of the “00”s, you will need to use “XX”.   When specifying your account number for direct deposit or payment,  it should be in the format 12345-XX-8.  If your login begins with 0s, make sure you don’t change or leave these out. Your account number should be 8 digits, including leading zeros.

Please note:  Your Equity Share account (04), USD account (12, 16), and investment accounts are not eligible for Direct Deposit or Preauthorized Payments. 

Click here to print a form.

*Funds must be available on account prior to payment due date.


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