Direct Payment with Interac Flash®

Now you can tap and pay for your smaller purchases using your credit union debit card. Interac Flash® is the newest contactless payment method; it’s fast, convenient and secure – whether you’re looking for a quick coffee before heading to work, or lunch on the run.

How it works

•    Look for the Interac Flash® symbol when making debit purchases.
•    Hold the card no farther than 4 cm from the front of the terminal.
•    Listen for the beep or approval message that indicates the transaction is complete.
•    The purchase amount will be debited from your credit union account.
•    That’s it!

Benefits for you

It’s quick, easy, and completely secure.  It eliminates the need to carry cash and change for small purchases.  There is no need to enter a PIN for smaller purchases under $100.
•    Spending limits are set for your protection. Once limits have been reached, you are required to insert your debit card and enter your PIN before limits are reset.
•    Interac Flash® is backed by Interac’s Zero Liability Policy to protect you from unauthorized use of your card.

InteracFlash® Demo

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