YOUR Chequing

**Exciting NEW Account Packages Coming October 2017**

This "pay-as-you-go" chequing account benefits customer-owners who:

  • make relatively few transactions
  • want an account to manage their day-to-day financial activities
  • need access through a wide range of options
  • want to be paid interest

Distinguishing Feature
An account that combines chequing and savings benefits with rates that are tiered-higher rates for higher balances.


Key Features

  • Interest based on the following account balance tiers:

 $499 - 998
 $999 - 2,998
 $2,999 - 4,998

  • Interest calculated daily on closing balance, paid monthly
  • Interest calculated on the entire balance at the rate of the highest tier attained
  • Transactions charged on a per-item basis
  • Optional overdraft protection available on approved credit
  • Printed statements optional
  • Convenient 24-hour access to accounts by TeleService, MemberDirect and ATM
  • Monthly fee $2.00

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