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EasternEdge Credit Union provides access to a comprehensive range of investment products, including term deposits, index linked term deposits and mutual funds*. The type of investment you choose will be affected by what your needs and goals are.

Make sure you make an informed decision about your RRSPs by viewing our RRSP information and tools.

Investing in an RESP will assist your family to have more financial freedom to choose their future. Planning today for tomorrow is the smart way to realize your family's education goals.

We understand that the selection of a RRIF depends entirely on your personal situation. That's why with a EasternEdge Credit Union RRIF you can choose your own investments and change your payment amount from time to time.

Are you looking for investments that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible? Look no further. With EasternEdge Credit Union you always have investment options to meet your specific financial and ethical criteria.

Retirement and Financial Planning .... financial services and solutions designed specifically for your lifestyle and life stage.

Term Deposits .... provides a secure, worry-free investment for long term funds.

RRSPs .... with careful long-term planning you can accumulate enough savings to enjoy retirement.

RRIFs .... living well during your retirement means managing your retirement income wisely.

RESPs .... prepare for your children's pursuit of a higher education.

Mutual Funds*.... Mutual Funds combine the benefits of diversification and professional management with being affordable to the average investors.

Online brokerage* .... trade anytime, anywhere with Qtrade Investor.


If you have questions about mutual fund investments, let our CU Financial Management Advisor help you.

*Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Investor.  Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Credential Securities.  Qtrade Investor and Credential Securities are  divisions of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.  Credential Securities is a registered mark owned by Aviso Wealth Inc.


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