Personal Loans

A personal loan is a convenient solution when funds are needed for an important purchase, luxury item, or even to consolidate debts into one, lower-cost payment.


  • Repay your loan faster with weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments.
  • No penalty for extra payments or early repayment.
  • Make extra payments any time, in any amount, and as often as you want.


  • Competitive variable or fixed interest rate.
  • Credit life, critical illness and accident/sickness insurance available.
  • Detailed statement available via online banking. 

All loans subject to credit approval and normal credit guidelines.

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It is a personal loan that allows you to combine many other debts into one with the benefit of having one reduced payment with a lower interest rate.  In the long run, it will save you MONEY. 

For Example:  You owe, 

Department store $3000 @ 28%, pmt 3% or $90 mth

Charge Card $6000 @ 17%, pmt 2% or $120 mth

Finance Company $3500 @ 29%, pmt $147 mth

Bank $4500 @ 9.4%, pmt $192 mth

Total debt $17000 with a total monthly pmt of $549.

If you consolidate @:

8.75% for 48 mths = pmt of $421 / savings $128 a mth

9.50% for 60 mths = pmt $351 / savings $198 a mth


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